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How the $2 billion dog obstacle-course design could have changed life in Chicago

A design for a $2.7 billion dog park at Lakeview Golf Course, where a new dog park could be built, could have been an early example of the future, according to experts who have studied the proposal.

The design for the Dog Park on Chicago’s Lakeview was created in a meeting of the Chicago City Council in 2012.

It was approved in a 3-2 vote.

Afterward, the park was re-designed by the Chicago Department of Public Works, which is led by Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and its design was reissued in June 2018, according a report by the design firm of Architects and Engineers for America, which was hired by the city.

In the new design, the two-story Dog Park is set on a 1,300-acre lakefront property and will be surrounded by landscaping, including trees and shrubs.

Its top level, the “Dog Park,” would have been set to accommodate dogs and other animals.

An architect’s rendering shows a 3D dog park on Lakeview’s property.

A proposed design for Lakeview Dog Park shows how a two-level structure could be created.

(Courtesy of the Design Council) In an article published in the architectural journal AIA on Tuesday, the architects of the design, Kiawah Kuehl, and Andrew Kuehn, wrote that the design had potential to be an early prototype for a “multi-use, urban, multi-generational, open-access dog park.”

“It’s also a project that was built on the assumption that a dog park will be built in Chicago, which would be the first city-funded dog park in the world,” Kuehlen and Kuehner wrote.

“As we see in Chicago’s Dog Park project, however, it has the potential to create a dog-centric landscape and be a model for other cities looking to follow,” they added.

Dogs are now being used for everything from research to rescue, but the design would be a departure from the typical dog park where dogs play or sit in a play area.

Kuehl and Kuhn said the design was intended to address concerns that the park would be too large.

They said it was built “to be a dog haven and not a dog kennel,” which is when dogs are kept in confined quarters and are not allowed out to play.

A Dog Park would have allowed dogs to play, interact with other dogs, and use the play area, but not to play against other dogs.

Lakeview Dog Parks has been proposed as part of a $1.9 billion plan for the lakefront.

The city is also working on a $200 million project that includes a two or three-level dog park.

The two-building design would have accommodated dog-friendly spaces.

But it would not have been the first dog park to be built.

The first was a dog spa in Chicago in 1986 that had a dog parking area, a water park, and a pet store.

Other Chicago dog parks have included one in the former Sears Tower in the South Loop, and one in Hyde Park, where dogs can sit on a grassy deck.