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What to do if you’re trapped in a chalk obstacle at the chalk obstacle courses

New Delhi: The Indian capital has a new obstacle course at its disposal, but there are still plenty of hurdles to overcome.

The chalk obstacle tracks have been set up by the government and are intended to test the city’s skills in the areas of emergency management and communication.

The challenge has been put forward by the ministry of disaster management (DMS) to test out how cities in India handle emergencies in a way that’s safe and convenient for the public.

The first obstacle course was put up at the site of the old railway station in central Delhi on Monday and will run until April 30.

It is meant to test how the city manages and responds to emergency situations and the impact of disasters.

It has already seen an influx of tourists from around the world, and it is also expected to attract more foreign tourists in the coming months.DMS is also seeking input from the public to determine whether the new obstacle courses will also be a safe environment for people to go through.

“The aim of the obstacle course is to give people a better understanding of how the environment is managed and the different emergency response protocols that have been put in place to handle disasters,” said Shashi Deshpande, a spokesperson for the department.

The Department of Disaster Management said it had received feedback from a group of public servants who took part in the design phase of the course.

“While the obstacles are being set up, we are in the process of determining their capacity and how they will be able to accommodate large crowds,” he added.

The ministry has set aside 2,000 crs ($1,800) for the construction of the chalk obstacles.

A total of 1,200 crs was earmarked for the cost of the courses.

The ministry has also provided 500 crs each to the government departments to set up the obstacles, along with a donation of 1 crs.

The government has been trying to attract foreign investment into the city for several years now, including setting up the city-specific infrastructure.

But the government has struggled to attract investors, as the country’s population is not as large as in many other parts of the world.

In December, the government decided to scrap the requirement for a foreign investor to own the construction and management of a new building within 30 years of setting up a new one.