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What’s the deal with the golf course that you see in the photo?

A lot of golf courses around the world are currently undergoing changes, with some being closed and others expanding.

The Peppersburg Golf Course in Tennessee, for instance, is set to close in April, and will not reopen until 2024.

It’s scheduled to reopen for a major renovation in 2019.

However, a spokesperson for Peppersville Golf Club said they have “no plans to change the course.”

The Pepperdines Golf Course, which opened in the 1930s, will be completely rebuilt by 2021, and then closed in 2024.

That’s about five years later than the original timeline.

The golf course is also not the only one that has been in a state of transition.

The San Diego Country Club opened in 2001, and reopened in 2013.

It closed in 2015, but reopened the following year, according to a statement on its website.

Other courses have also changed their plans, as evidenced by a photo of the Peppersburgh golf course posted on Facebook by golfer Jason Kincaid, who said the club had already moved to the next location.

The club has since closed.

In May, The Peanuts Golf Club opened at a site that had been occupied by a church and a local museum, which had been the subject of vandalism.

The clubhouse will reopen in 2018.

The Golf Club of the Pacific has been closed for a year due to fire hazards, according a statement from the golf club, and is expected to reopen in 2019 after renovations.

In August, the golf resort in New Mexico opened in a vacant space.

It reopened in November.

The site, which was previously the site of a community center, is now home to a gym and a dog park.

It has also been under construction since 2016, and the golf courses site is currently under a temporary restraining order.