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Texas students teach drivers to use cellphones in crash

A Houston-area high school has created a course for students who want to better understand how to safely drive on the road.

It’s called the Defensive Driving Course, and the first two weeks will teach students how to drive a car safely, said Laura Pascall, the school’s director of safety education.

The course is part of the Houston-based nonprofit Houston-Area Safe Driving Alliance, which has more than 50,000 volunteers around the country.

“We want to encourage our students to see themselves as responsible drivers, and to take responsibility for their actions and to be respectful to other drivers,” Pascam said.

The courses focus on safety.

It is a part of a nationwide movement to teach driver safety in schools.

A recent survey by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found more than half of school districts nationwide want to train their drivers.

But the training is geared toward students who are already experienced drivers and who have a basic understanding of the roadways.

It has been taught for years in several cities, including Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis.

Pascall said she wants the school to teach the course to other students in the coming months.

She said it’s the most comprehensive curriculum on how to make a safe driving decision and how to use the cellphone during a crash.

The Houston-Galveston-Bethlehem area, about an hour’s drive west of Houston, is home to several high schools, including Harris Academy and Bethany High.

The two schools have about 40 students each, according to the school district.

Pagel, the Houston school board member, said she wanted to create a course that would be safe for students.

She called it a way to keep the community safe and that it would be a fun way to show off to the rest of the country.

“We want this to be a part that we keep our students engaged in and help them learn the skills they need to become safer drivers,” Pagel said.

She said the school has started the program to teach students who already know how to be safe drivers, which she said includes using a cellphone.

Students can take the course online, or sign up for the regular monthly courses.

They will be able to take a class that focuses on how cellphones work and how drivers should use them in a crash, Pagel added.