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How much does the new $25K Bonita Golf Course in Florida cost?

A new $125 million golf course in Florida has raised questions about its value as a recreational facility.

The Bonita golf resort has been under construction at a former industrial site near Orlando, Florida for decades.

Now, it has become a popular summer destination, hosting tournaments, festivals, and concerts.

But critics say the project is in danger of becoming a tourist trap, as thousands of people flock to the resort each year for the free-flowing, no-frills amenities.

A group of residents have taken legal action against the project, arguing that the golf course is too expensive for a resort built for locals.

Bonita has been built by developers to attract tourists to a city and, they say, is not the best option for a tourist destination.

They’re also concerned that the $125m development is overvalued, and will attract fewer tourists as the city’s economy recovers.

They say the golf facility is not as “intimate” as other hotels or other vacation rentals.

They also question whether the hotel will attract tourists from the surrounding communities.

Critics say that Bonita is a tourist attraction and will never attract people from the more affluent neighborhoods, but they also say the resort is a great addition to the area.

They’ve also questioned the cost of the $25 million golf resort, arguing it’s a lot less than other resort complexes around the country.

The new golf course opened in June and has become an overnight sensation, with thousands of visitors a day.

The hotel and resort are located just over a mile away from the airport.