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Why will Meigs golf course be open again?

The UK Golf Council (UKGC) said on Monday that the Meigs Golf Course will open again after an extended shutdown due to the threat of the coronavirus.

Meigs golf courses, located in Hampshire and Somerset, have been closed since September as the virus swept through the country. 

The UKGC said on its Twitter account that the golf course had been reopened “on the advice of NHS and NHS Foundation Trusts.”

The Meigs was closed in September.

“The Meigs will be back open in full by the end of March,” the golf council said. 

“The UKGTC is in the process of consulting with NHS Trusts across the country to ensure the safety of the golf courses health and safety, including monitoring and testing.”

The UK Golf Commission is working with the UKGC on the project and will issue an update on the rehabilitation process in the coming days. 

Last month, a group of doctors, researchers and golfers staged a sit-in at the golf club to demand an end to the closure. 

On Friday, golfers and golf clubs said they were “overwhelmed” by the response from the UKGRC, which has been working on a rehabilitation project since the virus broke out in the UK. 

A spokesperson for the UK Golf Community Association (UKGCA) told The Telegraph that the rehabilitation project would “not include the golf resort itself, but would include improvements to the course itself and surrounding areas to help with the spread of the virus.” 

“We want to ensure that our golf courses remain open to the public,” the spokesperson added.