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How do you make your family feel about your golf courses?

By Emma B. Evans, The Globe and MailPosted March 22, 2018 12:15:30In a world in which the stakes are so high, it is not surprising that many families feel a sense of loss when the course where their children play is closed.

That loss can be felt on the golf course itself, however.

While most families would prefer to keep the course open, a handful of communities have found that having the golf courses close to home makes their lives a little easier.

And if there is one thing that the community that is losing the courses has in common, it’s the loss of the family.

With so many people moving into condos in Toronto and Vancouver, and with the pace of development slowing, the loss in golf is a little more complicated than just a loss in a community.

But as many communities face this problem, they have taken steps to ensure that their golf courses remain open, to provide for their golfers and to protect their local economies.

For example, the golf community of Yonge-Dundas Square has a golf course at the corner of Bathurst and Yonge streets.

It is now closed to all but the golfers who live there.

Its still open to the public and golfers can play on its course for free, as well as to spectators at the event.

The Yonge golf course also has a playground on the grounds, with a large indoor facility that serves as an open-air clubhouse.

The golf course was a favourite for residents who wanted to play golf and enjoy the neighbourhood, and has long been a place for family gatherings.

When the golf area closed to the general public in 2017, residents were outraged that their community was being left out of the process of development.

They felt the closure had been too long, and the loss was too great.

The community wanted to remain involved with the community, but they could not get the golf club to reopen as it would have required them to sell their homes.

“Our golf course is the heart of the Yonge community, and for some reason we’re not getting the same attention as other communities,” said resident Michael Legg.

The Yonge Golf Club, which is located at 456 Yonge St. (Mark Blinch/CBC)Yonge-De-Lancaster Golf CourseThe YPDG is a community golf course in Yonge, Ont.

The club opened in 2012 and is open to all golfers.

It hosts a number of events throughout the year, including the annual Golf Invitational.

It also has the YPD Golf Invite for golfers of all ages and levels.

Yonge resident Scott McConville said it was difficult to maintain the course’s open nature after its closure in 2017.

The course has undergone a significant renovation since then.

McConvill and his wife, Debra, decided that they wanted to be more involved in the community and wanted to maintain its current community vibe.

They decided to open the course up to the community in the early 2020s, when the community was experiencing a lot of development and they had to adapt to the pace.

The clubhouse at Yonge Dunes Golf Club.

(Emma B. Edwards/CBC )”There was a lot to work with.

The building had to be designed to accommodate all the different kinds of people that come into Yonge.

There were also people who had no desire to be in the Y.E.D. area, so we wanted to make it accessible,” said McConvilles.”

We were able to take advantage of the city and the city parks for some of the events that we did.

It’s not a golf resort, but it has the same vibe that we do with our golf course.”

A few years later, in 2019, the Yorks golf course reopened to the wider community.

It hosted several golf events in 2019 including the YPS and the YPPs.

The clubhouse has become a hub for community gatherings and events, and is now a community centre.

Yorks is one of only two golf courses in the city that are open to public access.

“This is a small community, it was a small golf course.

We just wanted to keep that in the same spirit that we had when we opened it up,” said Josh Laidler, a member of the golf committee and a Yorks resident.”

It was a community meeting and we wanted everyone to have a good time, and we didn’t want to shut it down.”

As for the York Golf Clubs community, Laidlers wife is also a member and hopes that the club will remain open for a long time to come.

“I think that’s a good thing.

I think we have so many other opportunities out there that are so much better than having a golf club, that we just didn’t realize it,” she said.”

If you have the chance to come out and play with your family,