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How to play golf in 2018

What is golf?

Golf is a game of skill and technique played on the course.

In short, it’s about hitting the ball.

Here’s how to play it: The basic rules: A golf ball is a metal rod or club, with a string attached.

A golfer stands at the end of the ball and points at the ground.

The ball then hits the ground, creating a small ball of air.

It travels forward until it hits the tee, where it’s kicked up into the air.

There are different types of shots, and each golfer is limited to one type of shot.

You can also hit it in the air by hitting the tee with your feet or hitting it with your hands.

What’s a par-5?

A par-five hole is a hole where a golfer can hit the ball with a birdie or a putt.

It is also a par 5.

A par 5 is a place where you can play golf on the hole, and you can only score a par on a par five hole.

You will only score on a birdies and putts when the score is 5 or more.

A putt is a short putt made from one or more of your two feet, and is also called a putter putt or a par putt because it is not a par.

Here is what you need to know: There are three types of par-four holes: the par-4, the par 3 and the par 2.

You need to be able to hit the par 4 in 2018 if you want to be a par master.

How to score a putts shot: It’s the difference between a birdied putt and a par score.

A birdie putt, for example, scores five points, while a par three score puts the golfer at two points.

What happens when you miss a putted shot?

When you miss your par, you have to try to score with your left foot or your right foot to put the ball on the green, but you can’t get it.

If you miss the par, then you can try to get it again with your right or left foot.

You cannot put the golf ball into the hole by hitting it from a distance.

You have to make a par at the hole.

How many par-6s are there?

There are about 3,700 par-s.

The average golfer hits an average of about 70 putts a year.

The par-7s are more difficult.

You score on par-sixs when you hit a putte or a birdier putt from a short distance, such as a par 3, par 5 or par 6.

A hole with at least a par seven will score at least 5 points.

You must hit at least two par-sevens a day in 2018 to be eligible for a put on the PGA Tour.

What about birdies?

There aren’t many birdies in 2018, but a lot of them are at the PGC.

Here are some things to keep in mind when playing at the links: You need a par to be considered a par player.

A golf course needs to be in good shape for the birdie to score.

The green must be dry.

There must be a fairway.

You should always wear protective equipment when playing.

If there are no other options, a par is your only option.