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Australian golf courses: The world’s best golf courses

An online database of world-class golf courses in Australia is up for grabs, and for good reason.

The online golf database Golf Course Background provides detailed information on more than 2,000 courses, including some of the world’s most prestigious golf courses.

The site includes data on the courses, their history, course design and location.

Golf Course Background says there are more than 400 courses in the United States, but the database only covers courses with a rating of B+.

It is also only available in English.

GolfCourseBackground.com is currently available in six languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.

The sites’ main goal is to inform people about golf courses and their history.

“We’re not going to pretend to know all the secrets of golf courses,” the site’s chief executive, Chris O’Connell, said.

“Our aim is to provide the world with a wide range of information about golf course architecture, golf course design, courses in remote locations, and how they were built.”

Golf courses have a huge amount of history, but a lot of people have never heard of them.

“That’s where our site comes in.”

Golf Courses’ HistoryGolf Club is one of the country’s oldest golf courses – it opened in 1871.

The oldest golf course in Australia, it is located on the outskirts of Townsville in NSW.

It has a name that dates back to 1876 when it was named for a man who owned it.

“The old course was an incredible facility for the community of Towns, it was a very active community with a lot going on at the time,” Mr O’Neill said.

It was opened in 1880 and in 1921 it was expanded to a golf course.

Its layout has changed dramatically over the years.

In the 1960s, it became an international golf course and later was known as the “Golf Royalty Club” after its director.

The modern layout now includes two holes and four baskets.

The course has been open to visitors since 1974.

In 2014, it underwent a major renovation and opened its doors to the public.

“The original design was a beautiful golf course with many views,” Mr Hickey said.

It is currently the home of the Sydney Golf Club.

It is located in a rural area on the edge of town and is open year-round.

Mr Hickey was keen to stress the importance of the golf course’s history.

Its location, close to the town of Sydney, was key to the community.

“There was always this sense of being on the water with the club, that there was always something to do in the water,” he said.

The current layout, Mr Higgs said, was “a very modern layout with lots of shade and lots of trees”.

The golf course was opened to the general public in 1972.

Golfer’s Paradise Golf Course in Sydney is now the world headquarters for the Australian Open.

It opened in 1979 and has hosted major sporting events including the Olympic Games, the Sydney Olympics, the Ryder Cup and the Masters.

It also hosted a number of charity events, including the World Golf Championships.

“It was one of our major events,” Mr Anderson said.