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Cascades: How to build a winning Cascadia club

The Cascadian League has had a rough year, as the team has lost several players to injury.

One of the players to return from injury is one of the league’s best scorers, Brett Connolly, who has scored 11 goals in 12 games this season.

Connolly has played for the Cascadians since they joined the league in 2010, and has gone on to have a career average of 18 goals per season.

He has played a key role in helping the Caws reach the playoffs in each of his three seasons with the team.

Connough’s return comes as the Cawgs are looking to win a Cascade Cup in 2017.

This is a challenging season for the team, as they are currently in seventh place in the Western Conference.

But, if they can continue to play with confidence, and keep the momentum moving forward, they could make some noise in the postseason.

Cascades players and coaches discuss the 2017-18 Cascaders seasonThe Cascadas have not been able to win the regular season, but they have made a lot of noise this year in the playoffs, including a thrilling win over the Minnesota Wild on February 13th.

The Caws will face the winner of the Western conference finals, which will be played on March 8th in Vancouver, Canada.