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PGA Tour announces $1m prize for top 100 finishers in Bonita Golf Course, Canyon Creek

Bonita, Colorado (AP) The PGA tour announced Monday it would offer $1 million for the top 100 golfers who finish in the top 20 spots on the tour standings in Bonito Springs, Colorado, in 2018.

The PGA TOUR announced it would give $1.5 million for three rounds of golf at Bonita’s Lake Mead Golf Course in 2018, with the money going to the Bonita River Project.

“I want to thank the community for all their hard work, dedication and determination to help our great city and state of Colorado,” said tour chairman and CEO David Blazer.

“Bonita Springs is a great community and this is just a wonderful way to give back.”

The PGC golf tournament in 2017, which drew a record-breaking 17,000 fans, was moved from the Rosemont, California, course to the nearby Lake Mead course because of severe flooding in the summer of 2018.

It was the third time in four years the PGA has donated money to the project, which has built water conservation measures and a permanent water conservation facility in Bonitos River and the Bonito Reservoir, and is now working to repair the damaged golf course.

Bonita has been an area of high flood risk for decades.

It’s been a prime target for flooding because of the lake and its tributaries.

The lake has receded from nearly 400 feet in recent years, but the Bonitas Lake Mead River, which drains into the Colorado River and flows through the town, is still rising.

Bonito Springs has the distinction of having the most flooding on the PGC Tour, with nearly 10 feet of new water entering the water each year.