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When the snow melts, the golf course will reopen in Bellevue

A small community in central Washington will be able to resume playing golf this weekend after the National Park Service cleared the snow around Bellevue from the snowplow route.

The Bellevue Golf Club in Mount Vernon is closed to golfers, but it will reopen to the public starting at 5 p.m.


The Bellevue Recreation Area and the Bellevue Valley Golf Club will be open for the public to use from 5 p-7 p.M.

The park service said that as of 6 p.t., it had cleared more than 3 million acres from the area around the golf courses, clearing roads and parking lots for snow clearing.

The service said it expects the golf club to be open again by 8 p.s.m., Saturday.

The golf course, a former clubhouse, was closed last month after the snowfall from the blizzard left the course closed for three weeks.

The National Park service said the golf complex is still open to play but that golfers will need to travel elsewhere for the season.

“The golfers in this area will be given a new opportunity to participate in the game, as Bellevue is a popular golf course,” the park service tweeted.

The golf course is located on the north side of Bellevue.

The snowfall and blizzard forced a temporary closure of the Bellevues golf course in September.

The Park Service said the closure did not affect the golf facility’s use of snow plow, but that the golf resort is no longer open for golfing.

“Due to the weather conditions surrounding Bellevue, golf courses must be closed for the winter,” the Park Service wrote in a tweet Friday.