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‘The View’ reveals how ‘The Good Wife’ is changing its tone after ‘The Newsroom’ controversy

NEW YORK — The first season of “The View” will see a change in tone as host Jeff Probst takes a backseat to star Emily Blunt.

The show is set to return to its original format for a fourth season.

The announcement was made Monday at the annual Golden Globes awards in Los Angeles, where Blunt won best actress for “The Good Work.”

Blunt will be joining the cast as the first black female host of a TV show.

Blunt is the first African American woman to host a TV series and she joins an ever-growing list of African Americans in front of a screen.

“We are going to change the show, not just for the sake of the show,” Probst said.

“I know we are all working really hard to get it right.

We are not here to change a show.

It’s about the people and how we are presenting this.”

“I think that’s really important to say.

That it’s about how we present it.

I hope it’s something that people really, really appreciate. “

The show is a big part of our DNA and it’s a big reason why we have been able to get this far.

I hope it’s something that people really, really appreciate.

ABC’s “The Goldbergs” and “The Simpsons” both have a black female lead.

There have been some changes on “The Late Late Show” for the first time since the show was revived in the 1990s.

In May, a “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” host apologized for comments he made about President Donald Trump.

Then in October, a network spokesperson announced that comedian Jimmy Kimmel would host the network’s annual spring telecast.

At the time, the show said Kimmel had apologized to the African American community and had been a voice of the black community for more than 20 years.

But the show’s ratings fell.

Its ratings also fell for a time.

The “Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” ended its run in August 2018.

While many are hoping that the return of a black host will boost ratings, the change to a more comedic format is likely to make some viewers uneasy.

Earlier this year, ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” was also rebooted after a decade in the black comedy format.

With its focus on the complexities of everyday life, “Grey” has attracted some of the most loyal fans on television.