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Which Golf Course Is the Redtail’s Biggest?

A redtail golf golf course in Florida has won the 2017 Redtail Golf Course Design Awards.

Redtail Golf Co. won the award for the largest open green in the state of Florida, winning the “Best Open Green” title, according to a press release issued by the organization.

The award recognizes an open green as a green that is both a natural habitat for animals and a recreational activity, according the Redtails.

It also recognizes a green as an ideal location for a course and includes the cost of construction and maintenance.

The Redtail won the competition after the team submitted an idea for the course, which is called the “Redtail’s Great White Shark,” according to the press release.

The shark was inspired by the Redtas own Redtail shark.

The design was developed by Redtail Associates and designed by Daniel Gentry, who was also an artist on the team that submitted the idea.

The course features a large bowl of sand with an arch, an open sand dune, a rocky ridge and a large rocky promontory.

Redtails golf course is located in Miami, Fla., and is one of the country’s largest and most visited golf courses.

It features a 5,000-acre property and has more than 2,000 courses in Florida.

The company is known for its high-tech technology and the company was recently named as the winner of the 2017 Design of the Year by Golf Channel.

The golf course also has a new water tower that can be used as a diving spot.