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BMW’s new bike trainer, XR360, promises to change the way people ride

BMW has announced a new range of bikes that promise to change how people ride.

The XR-360 is an electric bike that will allow anyone to train with an electric motor to increase efficiency, which is already a huge challenge for most people.

It will be offered in two sizes – the XR1 and XR2, and the new model, the X-R2X, will go on sale in October, the company said in a press release.

“Electric motorcycles are very energy-efficient, but we’ve had to make some adjustments for people who want to do more than just go about their daily business,” BMW’s Head of Mobility, Erik Schulz, said in the release.

“They can train more, and it will be possible to do so at a faster pace than before.”

The X-Series is expected to cost around £9,900, while the XF-X2 will go for around £12,000.

The XR series will cost around €9,400, while both will go to around €13,000 for the new XR model.

The new bikes will be available to anyone with a bike licence.

They will be equipped with electric motors and will have battery packs.

BMW is also making a range of electric bikes, which it said will be sold in Europe and the US in the next few years.