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The first ‘free’ Courses for Black People are in the works for the Colorado region

The first courses for Black students in Colorado are being created, the state announced Friday.

The first four courses for black students in the state, which is home to the nation’s first Black college, were announced in May and are being funded through a $200,000 grant.

The new $200 million Colorado scholarships are designed to help the state’s black community succeed, said Bill Koonin, Colorado’s secretary of education.

They’re also meant to help other students get the training they need to graduate from college.

The state also announced the creation of new Black scholarships, including $50,000 to help students transfer to other colleges or schools.

Students will have access to the online courses and the new scholarships will also provide them with information on other ways to learn and participate in the community.

The scholarships are part of the $200 Million in Colorado State University scholarship, Koononin said in a news release.

The programs are part the $20 Million in new funding announced last month that will also help Colorado students prepare for the 2020-2021 school year, which begins July 1.

Koononinsaid that the state will provide $200M in scholarships to students with “significant needs.”