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How to make a 3-D model of your next-door neighbor

What if you’re planning a wedding?

How about you’re looking for a spot to park your car for the weekend?

You could be the lucky one.

But if you want to make sure your backyard is a perfect fit, you need a little help.

“A lot of these types of backyard projects are just an idea,” says Rick Riedel, a landscape architect and landscape designer.

“They’re a very easy way to create a more aesthetically pleasing home.”

Here are 10 DIY projects to help you do just that.1.

The “Door of the Future” Project2.

DIY DIY Home Paint 3.

DIY Garden Shed 4.

DIY Dining Room 5.

DIY Outdoor Bathroom 6.

DIY Air Conditioner 7.

DIY Kitchen 8.

DIY Garage Door 9.

DIY Pool 10.

DIY Fireplace 1 of 10 Advertisement