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How to beat California’s golf course golf course in a game of golf

A game of Golf has been played in a California golf course for more than a decade, but it could soon become a reality.

California Gov.

Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday allowing residents to play a version of the game at the Papago Golf Course, which has been a popular destination for golfers for years.

The bill allows players to use a golf club or any other weapon to knock out a tree and play an 18-hole round, with the winner taking a $250,000 prize.

A few years ago, a couple who owned the golf course began hosting an annual tournament, but the event was scaled back in recent years because of a decline in sales.

The new law would allow the same event to go on without a tournament, which would make the event more popular and help the state generate revenue, Brown said in a statement.

The legislation is part of a $8.5 billion budget package Brown signed into law on Thursday.

It includes a package of $1.4 billion in tax cuts and other spending aimed at attracting new business.