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How to find a public golf course in New York City

A group of New Yorkers is celebrating the arrival of the world’s largest private golf course by inviting visitors to a dinner on the island of Avalon.

The dinner, dubbed Avalon, was hosted on Tuesday night by the New York State Golf Association and was organized by the nonprofit Avalon Golf Course Foundation.

“It’s been a really great honor to host this event,” said Krista Pfeiffer, a trustee of the Avalon Golf Club Foundation, a non-profit foundation that is working to preserve and preserve Avalon.

“I am excited to be a part of this amazing occasion,” Pfeiffser said.

Pfeiffers has worked with Avalon GolfCourse Foundation to help preserve Avalon, and the group has helped the club preserve the course’s course layout and amenities.

The annual dinner brings together New Yorkers who have been at Avalon golf courses in the past to celebrate their golf course visits and to offer feedback on the courses, Pfeitters said.

“This is the best event that we have had at Avalon,” she said.

The Avalon golf course is one of New York’s oldest, with courses dating to the 1870s.

The course is also home to an array of historic structures, including a museum and an amusement park.

The courses are located in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.