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“How to Survive a Super Bowl Halftime Show” by the Beatles: An Oral History (with Dan Cappuccio) (video)

(video below)This documentary series is a look into the lives of the Beatles and their music and the events leading up to the Super Bowl, from the day of their 1968 concert in New York City, through their legendary 1965 reunion, and through the years, to the present day.

It was released on the first of the new series of films by Dan Caffuccio and his brother, Rob, that debuts this year.

The first feature film to feature the Beatles was last year’s, a look at the group’s relationship with producer George Martin.

The second film, “How I Met Your Mother,” was released last year and follows the life of Barney, the lead character in the popular CBS sitcom.

The first of four documentaries about the Beatles is called “The Beatles, The Beatles, the Beatles.”

It follows the band’s rise from being one of rock’s most popular bands to the pop culture phenomenon they are today.

It also follows the creation of “The Fab Four,” a band comprised of the group members and producer Paul McCartney, the group member George Harrison, the vocalist Ringo Starr, and guitarist George Martin, who has become one of the most influential rock artists of all time.

“How We Met Your Mom” was released in February, and was a critical and commercial success, earning Caffucio a Grammy for Best Documentary.

“It’s really interesting because they were never seen as the people who invented the Beatles,” said Caffucci, whose new film will be available to stream online at www.mtv.com/movies.

The Beatles were a huge band and the story is told through the lives and stories of their members, including George Harrison and Ringo.

The film tells the story of how they became one of America’s biggest rock bands and how the music of the band changed America.

“I think it’s very interesting because I think it highlights what the Beatles did and it also tells the stories of how these people were influenced by music and how they lived and how their songs affected people,” Caffuci said.

Caffucco and Rob Caffetti co-wrote and directed “How They Met Your Parents” with producer Paul Martin, and have collaborated on the feature film, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last month.

The Caffuzzi brothers also produced “How It’s Made” and the new film, with Dan Cattuccio directing.

Cattucco’s previous films include the Oscar-nominated “Hairspray,” the Academy Award-nomination-winning “The Artist,” the documentary about the life and career of musician Prince, “The Queen,” and the Oscar winner “Saving Mr. Banks.”

Caffucci said he wanted to get to the heart of the stories and personalities behind the music.

“The Beatles were just like everyone else who made music, and that’s the same in this movie,” he said.

“So we really wanted to tell the stories about how people grew up in this world and how people changed and how things changed in this country and how this band made their mark.”

The Caffuttis have also collaborated on other films, including “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “The Great British Bake Off.”