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What’s your favorite part of your course? – Alison Courses

A course’s “sweet spot” is an area where a player can “see the whole course,” said Mark Krumm, a former course director at the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

“It’s where you can play the ball and it’s also where you see the trees and the greens,” he said.

The “sweet spots” are a player’s favorite places to tee off, he said, adding, “If you’re playing golf, you want to be able to see everything.”

Course director Mark Kramm said it’s the sweet spots that make for the most entertaining and rewarding playing.

– Krummm, Alison courses article “You can’t make any mistakes,” Krumms said of hitting the sweet spot, and that’s where golfers should be playing, rather than thinking about the perfect shot.

It’s not about hitting a perfect shot, Krummes said, but how well you can hit the ball in the right place and how the wind affects the ball’s trajectory.

“If I’m teeing off and I hit a bad shot, I’m going to be frustrated and upset,” he explained.

The golf course director said it is also important to be aware of the wind and make sure you’re not in the middle of a hole.

“There are some spots that are like a mini-hole that you can get into,” he added.

Krummen said the golf course should be a safe haven for players who are not looking to take a risk, but not necessarily the best place to take on a hole-in-one.

The course director has been golfing at an area called the “green zone” for about three years.

The area is considered one of the most challenging courses in the world because it has a lot of trees in the woods.

Kramms said there are many players who play the course in the green zone because it is a “safe haven” for them.

“They have to be confident,” he recalled.

“Most of them are good enough to be playing there.”

Krummers advice to anyone who is looking to play at an elite golf course?

“Always be open to what’s around you,” he advised.

“You need to be patient.”

Krammen said players should not be overly worried about where they are in the course.

“The best golfers are at the top of the course,” he noted.

“Every player is a top player.”

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