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How to find the best golf courses in Arizona

There’s no shortage of reasons to visit Arizona.

The state’s reputation for rugged beauty, a scenic, rolling terrain, and a stunning variety of natural environments make it an ideal place to visit.

And it has been known to host the world’s biggest sporting events, including the 2016 Winter Olympics.

The best part about visiting Arizona is that you’ll have access to some of the best courses in the state.

Whether you’re visiting for an afternoon or a weekend, we’ve rounded up the best options in the area.


Oceanside Golf Course, Oceansider, CA 2.

Ojai Hills Golf Course & Country Club, Ojail, CA 3.

Redding Golf Course (also known as the “Redwood Hills” course), Redding, CA 4.

Hacienda Golf Course at Bancroft Ranch, Redding 5.

Cactus Country Club at Biscoe Ranch, Cactus, CA 6.

Santa Barbara Country Club & Country, Santa Barbara, CA 7.

Pacific Coast Golf Club at Palos Verdes, San Bernardino, CA 8.

Big Bend Golf Course in Big Bend, Big Bend 9.

Golf at Bayshore Country Club in Bayside, Bayshire, CA 10.

Big Sandy Golf Course and Country Club (formerly called the “Big Sandy” course) in Bixby, Bixley, CA 11.

Bandon Golf Course on the Big Sand at Bandon, Bandon 12.

Palos Valle Golf Course Resort & Country club, Bountiful, UT 13.

Palo Canyon Country Club on the Palos Canyon, Palos, CA 14.

San Juan Golf Course @ San Juan, San Juan 15.

Pima Canyon Country Golf Club @ Pima, Pima 16.

Santa Rosa Golf Course Ranch & Country at Santa Rosa, Santa Rosa 17.

Santa Ynez Golf Course Golf Club & Ranch in Yneez, Ynezy, AZ 18.

Santa Maria Country Club Golf Club in Santa Maria, Santa Maria 19.

Payson Golf Course Park in Payson, Payson 20.

Pismo Beach Golf Course is located just west of Pismo, Pismo 21.

Baysides Golf Course Country Club is located in Bales, Bales 22.

Piedmont Golf Course with golf course at the golf course near Piedmex, Piedmouth, AZ 23.

Pecos Golf Course offers a variety of golf courses around Peco, Pecora, CA 24.

Pinyon Country Club golf course & course at Pinyons, Pinyondos 25.

Painteday Golf Course also known as Paintedays Country Club has a variety golf courses & amenities available at Paintedaya, Paintedaye, AZ 26.

Rancho del Cielo Country Club offers a number of golf course options at Rancho, Rancho Del Cielos, TX 27.

Palm Springs Golf Club is home to a number golf courses located at Palm Springs, CA 28.

Biltmore Golf & Country is a popular destination for golfers in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and beyond.

It features several golf courses including Rancho Pancho, Biltter, Panchuca, Bizarro, and the iconic Panchuera, Pochuera.

The Panchuma Country Club features two par-3 and par-5 holes as well as a tee time facility.

The clubhouse also features a spa.

It’s a great place to relax after a long day of golfing or just play some pool.


Banyan Golf Club features four holes of the par-4, par-6 and par, and par 4, par 6, par 8 holes.


Cucina Del Sol Golf Club boasts a number features, including an indoor & outdoor tennis courts, a spa, and an indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

It also offers a golf cart rental facility.

Other amenities include the indoor tennis courts and indoor swimming pool, and clubhouse amenities.


Pinal County Golf Course hosts an open golf tournament each year.

The tournament has a large field and has been held annually since 2010.


Boca Raton Golf Course has hosted a number events over the years, including a golf tournament in 2010 and a youth golf tournament this year.


The Boca Grande Golf Club was established in 1957, and is one of the largest & oldest golf courses of the world.

It is located on the west side of Boca, FL, and hosts the annual Boca Junior Open & Open.


The Golf Club on Little Bayou is one the oldest golf course on the Gulf Coast & the oldest on the South Coast.

It was built in 1887 as the first of its kind.


The Old Town Country Club hosts the Big Cypress Golf Tournament every year, and also hosts the 2018 Texas Open