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Students at Yale course searching for their Jewish heritage – Yahoo News

Searching for a Jewish identity, the students at Yale College were faced with a question: “What is Jewish?”

They went to their course catalog, searched for a word on the search engine and came up with “Jewish.”

A few weeks later, the school’s director of undergraduate life, Rebecca Fuchs, emailed the students: “It’s amazing what a community of like-minded people can accomplish when they work together.

My hope is that you can continue your search for the identity that you share.”

While the course was initially aimed at the Jewish community, Fuchs says now that the students are in their third year, she expects the term to be expanded.

“It was definitely the right thing to do,” she said.

“This was an opportunity to really get our students thinking about Judaism.”

After all, Jews are the people who make up the bulk of Yale’s students.

They are also the ones who hold the most seats in the classroom.

The school has a Jewish student body of about 3,000, according to the school.

“We were looking for students who were Jewish, who were interested in Jewish identity,” Fuchs said.

The term “Jewish” refers to a subset of the Jewish faith, and it can be seen as the most inclusive term, according the website Jewish.org.

The university has not clarified whether it would be adding the term “non-Jewish” to its catalog, but Fuchs is hoping it will be.

Fuchs said she had to work with a large group of Jewish students who have been coming to the course since its inception.

“There’s a lot of pressure to get your Judaism right and to be good at the thing that we’re doing,” she added.

“But there’s also a lot pressure to be Jewish.

It’s a very personal thing.

There are certain things that we know about how the Jewish identity has been shaped by the Holocaust, and we know that the Jews who survived the Holocaust have a very different story.”

Fuchs is not alone in wanting to expand the term.

In February, an online petition was started to change the term from “Jewish identity” to “cultural identity.”

“I’ve been teaching this course for six years and it’s become a way for us to be able to talk about a Jewish perspective on Jewishness in a broader way,” Fuchus said.

Students have also come up with their own ways of expressing their Jewish identity.

A group of students who are Jewish, for instance, have created an online platform called the Jewish Dictionary.

The website, which currently has over 4,000 entries, offers an alphabetical list of Jewish terms, as well as a list of their synagogues and rabbis.

In the future, the term is expected to expand to include terms such as “Jewish,” “Jewish life,” “Jews of color,” “Holocaust survivors,” “jewish culture,” and “Jewish history.”