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Which golf course is the most scenic?

The Pitsman golf courses on Long Island are among the most stunning in New York, according to a new study.

A team of researchers used the Pitsmans data to rank the most beautiful of the country’s most popular golf courses, using the Golf Digest’s 10 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in America guide.

According to the study, the Pines, a 4,600-acre park on Long Beach, is the second most scenic of the top five.

A 4,700-acre golf course in Piscataqua is tied for third.

According the report, the golf courses of Woodland Hills and Woodlawn are among Long Island’s most beautiful, while the Golf Club at the Woods is ranked among the countrys most scenic.

Pines, Woodlans, and Woods were ranked in the top 10 by Golf Digest.

Pitsmans Golf Course is ranked as the 9th most scenic, the report said.

A total of 13,000 golfers played at Pitsmen courses during the study period.

The average score for a round of golf at Pines was a 5.4.

A round of tennis was rated as the 6th most difficult and the third most beautiful.

The Pines’ Pines Tennis Center was ranked as having the most difficult clay in the country.

The golf course was rated the 2nd most scenic and the 3rd most beautiful clay.

The golf course ranked as being the 5th most beautiful course in New Jersey.

Pitmans Golf course was ranked #6 in the U.S. by Golf.com.

The Pitssman Golf Course ranks #2 in the world by Golf-Oriented Design Magazine.