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How to use edx to build a more interactive learning experience for students with disabilities

The edx learning platform, developed by Google, offers courses for all kinds of students.

But in an effort to make it easier for people with disabilities to find them, Google introduced an “EdX course definition” in the latest version of its platform.

EdX is a tool that helps you define and organize your course content.

It’s not just a “learning engine” for you to plug in your course materials and videos, as other tools like Coursera do.

Instead, EdX is the platform that lets you organize your courses into modules, where each module is assigned a specific theme.

The EdX course definitions are a great way to build interactive learning experiences for people who are visually impaired.

But the EdX site says they can also be used for people in general, and for people without disabilities.

“EdX courses are designed for people using visual impairment or for people learning using speech-language pathology, and are designed to be as accessible as possible for students, faculty, and staff,” Google says in its edx course definition.

“For those people, Edx courses are the best platform to develop, teach, and evaluate their work.”

The Edx team said in a blog post that the course definition will be coming to other platforms in the future.

Google declined to comment on the specifics of this announcement.

In a blogpost, Google wrote that the “Edx course definitions for people whose vision is impaired are now live.”

The edx team has been working with Google to make this easier for the public.

This week, Google released an updated version of the edx platform that includes the “text, video, and audio definition” as well as the “vocabulary definition” for the first time.

That is, the edX course creator will now include the definitions of each module in its platform, as well.

The edX project team says that this update also includes support for video and audio in the course creation and review process.

As part of the updated edx, Google also updated its accessibility tool, which has been available for a few years now.

The tool now offers a new section called “Accessibility for Individuals with Disabilities.”

It adds a section called Accessibility for Children.

That section now has a “Children’s Guide” section that is meant to help guide educators and users in how to best use the edxt features for individuals with disabilities.

For more on Google’s new edx site, check out this video from Google Education.