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Take a gun safety class at the University of Maryland

It’s been a long year for Maryland gun safety courses, which have come under fire from critics for their lack of diversity.

In September, the school announced it would be offering a course on gun safety in which gun owners will learn to spot when a shooter is hiding.

The class will take place during Maryland’s annual Black History Month event on Dec. 5.

The program will also feature a panel discussion about gun safety.

Students will also learn how to spot and stop potential attackers.

The Baltimore Sun reported last month that the Maryland state gun safety board was considering a policy that would require gun owners to wear face masks during their classes.

The Maryland State Police said it would review the proposal and “review other options for the safety of our law enforcement officers.”

The board did not respond to requests for comment.

The university has also been embroiled in a lawsuit filed by the Maryland Association of Chiefs of Police.

The suit claims the school is violating Maryland law by refusing to allow concealed carry permit holders to take classes that cover guns.

The state attorney general’s office is also investigating whether the school violated state laws regarding firearm-related education and training.

The school has since added classes on firearms, gun ownership and training, according to the Baltimore Sun.