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The biggest deal of the year: the golf course at Avalon

The biggest merger of all time is under way.

As soon as the final bid was accepted, the world’s largest private company and its biggest golf course announced that it would merge to form Avalon Golf Course.

The two entities will merge two golf courses in Vancouver and Tacoma, Washington, the Seattle Times reported Thursday.

The new joint venture will be called Avalon Golf Resort, which will be built on the land that was once home to the original Avalon golf course.

The new name is the largest merger of golf course name ever, and it comes just months after the merger of the company that owns golf course property in Vancouver with the Seattle Golf and Country Club.

The announcement came just days after Avalon agreed to sell its Vancouver golf course to its sister company, The Golf Resort Company, which is owned by the same parent company as Avalon.

The golf course in Vancouver was bought in 2007 by a company that is now known as Pacific Coast Properties, which now owns the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

The Vancouver and Augusta courses were merged in 1999, when the golf courses were both built on land that had once belonged to the Vancouver Golf Club.

The two courses are still open for use, and they both feature a 1,100-yard course that is currently being restored.

In Tacoma, the new joint-venture will be used for the construction of two golf clubs.

The Tacoma resort is set to open in 2021, and the golf club will open in 2022.

Both Tacoma courses will feature four courses, and both will feature a combined 1,200 yards.

The Tacoma golf course will feature the first tee area of the course, while the Augusta course will have a 5,000-yard par-3 course.

The joint venture also will have the capacity to expand the golf resorts footprint in the Tacoma area by building a new course, with the golf resort’s first tee-area set to become a 5-hole course, and another 5- hole course slated to be built.