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Texas Golf Course owner says he’ll close because of climate change

A Houston golf course owner is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stay a federal order to close the course, citing climate change.

The Houston Golf Club, a major Texas institution, announced in May that it will close its Houston Golf Course in 2019 and 2019-2020.

In June, the court ruled that the federal government can’t force Houston to keep its golf course open for the same reasons as other public venues, including climate change and public safety.

The golf course was originally planned to open in 2022.

In March, the Trump administration ordered the city to open the course to golfers for a weekend during National Golf Month.

But that order has been temporarily blocked.

“We respectfully ask that the court uphold its decision in the Harris County Flood Control District v.

Brown case, a landmark case that held that the city cannot regulate climate change by placing its own regulations,” the Houston Golf Association said in a statement to Vice News.

The court ruled in August that the Trump Administration can regulate the air pollution that causes climate change, but it could not do so with respect to climate change alone.

“In addition, the Court did not consider the impact of the proposed regulations on the Harris Country Club, which would be the largest golf course in the state of Texas, and therefore not a substantial enough factor to support the Court’s decision in this case,” the court wrote.

The lawsuit, filed by the Houston golf association, was filed in U..

S District Court in Houston.

The judge in the case ruled in April that the case should be dismissed because the government cannot regulate the effects of climate on golf courses or public facilities.

“It is clear that the Houston Board of Golf, its officials, and other parties have not fully taken climate change into account in their plans for the development of the course,” the judge wrote in the decision.

“Given that, the Board of, and its employees, have demonstrated a lack of appreciation for the risks of climate and have made decisions to maintain their current positions.”